Aruba Experience Koffie Preto

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Aruba Experience Koffie Preto 250 gramm | Full bodied, creamy, orange acidity, notes to sugar cane, candy like, with chocolate aroma | Arabica 100% | Altitude 1650 msnm

Just like Aruba, beautiful notes with a bold presence. In the 1960’s, Aruba was listed as the world’s biggest traders of coffee without having one single coffee-bean grown in Aruba. At that time Aruba was a hub for trading coffee. Currently, with the influence of the region (South and North America and Europe), we have created this magnificent nth degree coffee product. Soft but full bodied, slightly earthy with sweet bright notes. 

The creation of Koffie Preto went as follows: In total 7 different coffees were selected, 4 were from Colombia, 3 from Guatemala. Around 20 participants were invited to a coffee cupping. Some participants were owners of well known restaurants here in Aruba, others were selected by their constant black coffee love-post on instagram. The selection of participants also based on their country of origin: 1) Aruba 2) Europe and 3) South America. All of them received the following information: The flavor can’t be soft as the South America coffee (known in Aruba as awa di Lala) but not strong as Europe. The coffees were enumerated from 1 to 7. The participants didn’t have any information about the origin of the coffee. With this description on mind the #3 won by majority. It was a coffee from Colombia, the Pijao region.

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Aruba Experience
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